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The First Technology Group, founded nearly 35 years ago, has since grown representation in each major region of South Africa. We are composed of a group of companies that provide products and value-added services, all related to Information Technology environments and business processes. Throughout the years we have built a robust and broad-reaching engagement model, from Small to Medium Businesses through to Enterprise companies. We are accomplished across multiple market verticals and have become one of the largest IT Integration groups in South Africa.

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In 1987 the story started with the establishment of VPS International in the Netherlands. As a private label lubricant brand, VPS supplied customers all over the world. With a growing customer base, VPS launched its first own brand in 1998; Rymco Lubricants. After a few years, the Rymco brand evolved and was renamed as Rymax Lubricants. Throughout the years, Rymax Lubricants experienced an enormous growth and expanded its product portfolio and its network of distributors. Nowadays, Rymax Lubricants produces around 1.000 different products for customers in more than 55 countries, shipping over 1.000.000 metric tons of lubricants worldwide.  

Rymax proudly imported and distributed by Orbit Industrial.

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Established in 1994 at the same premises from where it operating now, it has recently been totally revamped and extended to almost double it’s original size. The new décor and displays are now very customer friendly and Mark, the Manager ever since, has assembled a very capable team to assist him in his endeavors to serve as best they can, our very large base of customers country wide. It is our motto to be actively involved in the shooting and hunting activities offered by the various clubs and organizations in our region. Our formidable product range, including the likes of Ruger and Hornady, will give us the edge to make GUNS and BOWS a remarkable shopping experience.

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Hardi Crop Protection SA was established in 1991, for Twenty Five years the proud Importer and Distributor of Hardi Sprayers to Southern Africa.

In addition to Hardi Sprayers the company recognised the need for quality precision spreaders which led to a healthy co-operation with Sulky-Burel importing Sulky Spreaders for more than a decade.

Both Hardi International and Sulky Burel are well established manufacturers renowned for high quality products providing our two mainline product ranges.

Hardi Crop Protection SA with two facilities based in Johannesburg and Cape Town provides distribution through it established dealer network.

With the fast changing world of Electronics, Hydraulics and GPS systems our Dealers and Service Centres boast a very high level of combined expertise and support.

Our aim is to provide the highest level of plant protection and nutrition.

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Helderberg Yamaha was established in March 2008. Our team has years of experience in the Yamaha-Motor industry, and with our PASSION and ENTHUSIASM for the Yamaha brand we are driven to give you, the customer, the most outstanding service on your motorcycle. As the Number 1 authorised Yamaha motorcycle dealership in Cape Town we take pride in what we do and what we offer, so why not give us a call today?

• We are always available to help and to provide guidance.
• We have a wide range of off-road as well as road gear and accessories, from all major brands.
• We have a full on-site workshop with skilled and trained personnel, who are fully equipped to service and repair your motorcycle.
• We carry a large range of spares for Yamaha motorcycles as well as selected other brands.
• We are also actively involved in off-road and track racing.

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